An introduction to the Buckinghamshire Association for Masonic Research (BAMR) and the Buckinghamshire Lodge for Masonic Research (BLMR) No 9585

(The BLMR closed on 3 April 09. Click here for report)

The Buckinghamshire Association for Masonic Research (BAMR), formed in 1989, was the direct progenitor of the Buckinghamshire Lodge for Masonic Research (BLMR) No 9585. Following the consecration of the Lodge in 1995, the BAMR, in effect, became the Correspondence Circle of the Lodge.

The BAMR publishes the annual Transactions, which covered Lodge and now Association lectures and talks plus related material. The most recent Transaction is Volume 13 - 2011. All members receive a copy of the Transactions. W.Bro. Michael Power is currently the Transactions Editor.

All BAMR Members receive details of forth coming events and, by attending meetings of the BAMR, they can participate in discussing papers, which are presented at the meetings.

The BAMR holds an informal “Members' Papers Meeting” normally on the first Saturday in February at the Masonic Hall, Ripon Street, Aylesbury.

The BAMR also maintains a Library, details of which are given below. Click for details.

The BAMR can arrange for talks, lectures, etc., to be given to any Lodge, Lodge of Instruction or Study Group. Applications for such should be made to the BAMR Secretary.

The BAMR appointed the Provincial Burnham Lecturer.   For more information click here.

Membership of the BAMR helps to promote the aims and objectives of the Buckinghamshire Lodge for Masonic Research. All Masons in good standing are eligible for membership of the BAMR.

Click here for a copy of the BAMR Membership Application Form.  

Any Brother who wishes further information or would like to join the BAMR should contact one of the following: