Correspondence Circle of the QUATUOR CORONATI  LODGE No 2076

Members of the BAMR are encouraged to join the Correspondence Circle of the Quatuor Coronati (QC) Lodge No. 2076.

For more information see the following website:

More information about joining Q.C. Correspondence Circle can be obtained from the above website or via the BAMR Secretary

Examples of the type of papers presented at the Lodge meetings can be seen from the links below:

8 May 2008 meeting

9 Sept 2010 meeting (Full summons)

26 June 2008 meeting (Full summons)

11 September 2008 meeting

12 November 2009 meeting

18 February 2010 meeting

30 June 2010 meeting (Full summons)

Material in the above links is reproduced by kind permission of Peter E Holland - Secretary Correspondence Circle in March 2008.

Page updated - 25 Mar 2013