The (Leicester) Lodge of Research

A symposium on 27th January 2014

Two Hundred Years of the United Grand Lodge of England

List of Speakers for the Symposium



1. Aubrey Newman; (Professor of History, PM of Quatuor Coronati Lodge and of Leicester Lodge of Research, Prestonian Lecturer, 2003)

Moderns and Antients: Setting the scene

2. Bob Cooper; (Curator, Grand Lodge of Scotland, PM Quatuor Coronati Lodge)

The Formation of the Grand Lodge of England - the Scottish Dimension

3. John Wade; (Past Chairman, Manchester Research Association, Editor of Transactions, Quatuor Coronati Lodge, Prestonian Lecturer 2010)

Did the 1799 Unlawful Societies Act precipitate the Union of 1813

4. David Herbert; (Past Chairman, Newstead Abbey Byron Society; PM Leicester Lodge of Research)

Waller Rodwell Wright--Principal Drafter of the Articles of Union?

5. John Acaster; (WM Quatuor Coronati Lodge, Past Chairman, Manchester Research Association)

Cultural Dislocation at the Masonic Union

6. John Belton; (Manchester Research Association, author)

The 1814 International Compact and the appearance and final definition of the phrase ‘pure Ancient Masonry’.

7. Don Peacock; (PM Leicester Lodge of Research)

How the Union affected Regalia, Certificates, Tracing Boards, Jewels

8. Richard Gan; (Editor, The Square)

Cavaliers and Roundheads: An alternative view on the effect of the Union of 1813 on the development of the Orders of Freemasonry beyond the Craft.

9. Yasha Beresiner; (PM Quatuor Coronati Lodge, Batham Lecturer)

What happened to the Royal Arch at the Union?

10. John Hamill; (PM Quatuor Coronati Lodge, Deputy Grand Chancellor, UGLE, Prestonian Lecturer)

Winners or losers?’ The Antients and the Union

11. Ian Brown; (Provincial Librarian, Province of Northumberland)

Memorabilia of the Athol Lodge and St Nicholas Lodge prior to their becoming 'Newcastle upon Tyne Lodge No 26/24; the problems which faced those two Lodges prior to the Union, and how they became Newcastle upon Tyne Lodge No 26/24.

12. Jim Daniel; (PM Quatuor Coronati Lodge, PGS, UGLE)

Foreign Grand Lodges and the Union of 1813

13. Andrew Prescott; (Professor, King’s College London, Formerly Director, Centre for Research into Freemasonry, University of Sheffield)

The Duke of Sussex and the Union of Grand Lodges in 1813: Some Contexts and Connections