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These several BAMR Information Papers are designed to assist both the newly made brother as well as those that seek to understand and learn more about Freemasonry.

It is hoped that these papers may also provide a backdrop to masonic research that may encourage the average mason to enquire about the aspects of the Craft as well as other Orders.

Information Papers will be added over a period of time from being quite basic but also for the more experienced masonic student and researcher.

Each subject can only be a signpost and is in no way a substitute to consulting with the actual fuller publications and primary resource material but it is hoped that interest can be kindled as provisional step for masonic research within its meaning.

Brian Baker - March 2013

BAMR IP No. 01 Music.doc

BAMR IP No. 02 Masonic Fire.doc

BAMR IP No. 03 Recommended Reading.doc

BAMR IP No. 04 Short History of Freemasonry in England.doc

BAMR IP No. 05 Early Masonic Pamphlets.doc

BAMR IP No. 06 Masonic Regalia.doc

BAMR IP No. 07 Writing a Masonic Short Talk.doc

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